Mass Market Errors

In today’s edition of “self-publishers aren’t the only ones who make stupid mistakes” I want to highlight a pretty glaring error from a book released by one of the Big 6.

The book in question is Maia (Richard Adams) and my copy is the 1986 Signet mass market paperback.

On said paperback, the back cover blurb refers to the Belkan Empire, and then later on to “Belkan power.”

The empire in question is, in fact, Bekla(n). This misspelling appears not once, but twice, indicating that it’s not just a slip of a typist’s fingers, but rather a genuine misreading that somehow made it all the way to print.

And no one at Signet noticed.

This isn’t a knock against Signet – they’re staffed by fallible humans, after all – but there’s a (silly) moral here. That moral being: not even a publishing contract with a giant is enough to keep mistakes out of publication.

Not even the Big 6 can save you from a lazy proofreader.


Any thoughts?

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