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If you’ve been tempted to buy Scrivener, or a number of other writing-oriented applications, there’s a sale going on right now. Both Scrivener and Aeon Timeline are 20% off till June 14 (there are others, too, but those are the only ones I have any experience with), so for anyone who’s been on the fence, now’s a great time.

I should probably mention, for the unfamiliar, that most of this software was designed for Macs and Aeon Timeline at least is still Mac-only. But Scrivener does have a Windows version, for the PC users among you.

More info here!


More Signal Boosting!

Two posts in one day? What is this madness? But I’m back with more signal boosting because it’s never a bad day for that sort of thing.

Signal Boost The First: Allegories of the Tarot

It’s a planned fiction anthology based on the tarot, featuring stories from 21 different writers. There are 19 days left to fund the project and they’re about halfway there. It looks like it’ll beĀ amazing.

Signal Boost The Second: Help a writer out

That’s not an official name, but indie writer Cristian Mihai needs funding to keep his site going. He’s offering some pretty nice perks, too!

(And there’s one day left to enter the indie book giveaway, so don’t miss out!)

Signal Boost

First: Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! I can’t imagine doing what you do every day.

Second: Signal boost! There’s a big indie book giveaway on Elle Casey’s site and you should check it out. There are, apparently, 190 titles and over 1500 copies, so go see if there’s anything that might strike your fancy and enter. You can enter more than once, too, until the 15th (I believe).

Here it is!